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    ‘Not too large for small projects and
    not too small for large projects’

    Our company has already been operating for 50 years or so and has its headquarters on Osdorperweg 588 in Amsterdam.┬áThe growth of our company continued steadfastly when the four sons of the founder joined the business. In addition to standard shipments, ever more demand came from road building companies to take charge of moving cargo. The company also started renting machines that are specific for this sector. In 1983, the Rutte Groep was given a patent for what is commonly referred to as ‘packaging’ (reusing paving materials). The company had discovered that old paving material could easily be reused by removing them from the roads by using a specially developed machine.

    When in 1994 the 3rd generation of the Rutte family joined the company and brought with them the required permits and licences, the company also started to focus on road building itself.

    As from 1997, the Rutte Wegenbouw (i.e. Road Building) component also started activities with regard to a new development, that is, realising underground waste collection systems (UWCS). Now, about 30,000 stations have been built in the large cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Haarlemmermeer as well as locations such as Limburg, Achterhoek and Zuid-Holland. This has meant that the company is the market leader in this area.

    A few additional activities have been added too during the last period including the construction division. The company has become the Rutte Groep with Rutte Wegenbouw (Road Building), Rutte Transport, Rutte Beheer (Management) and Rutte Bouw (Construction) as the operating companies. These Rutte Groep operating companies have now built up a good reputation in the region and especially amongst the different municipalities and urban districts.