Smart Liberator

  1. Overall, there is still 50% new reactive cement in concrete rubble!
  2. SmartCrushers release this still new cement from concrete rubble and it can immediately be used.
  3. The used cement (calcium silicate hydrate) is a CO2-free limestone replacer for the production of new cement or it is reprocessed to get a binder or limestone improver.
  4. SmartCrushing: Without a limestone quarry; new cement and concrete dust-free and without harmful emissions.
  5. The sand and gravel from SmartCrushers are directly on-site and guarantee a better concrete quality with less cement!
  6. SmartCrushing will ensure there is 1 billion metric tons of CO2 per year less on a global scale.
  7. New Horizon with Smart Liberator halves the production of CO2, leads to a new price strategy when compared to concrete and ensures that concrete will score many times more positively with regard to the LCA or environmental cost indicator (in Dutch: MileuKostenIndicator; MKI) by using Freement and this means that the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) criteria will be more favourable.